Tokyo is the jewel of the world’s most populous metropolitan area. But fear not Natural Travelers, one thing the Japanese value is keeping nature at the center of things. The following list outlines a few ways to see the city without leaving the natural world behind.

Tokyo Top Tips

Naka-Meguro Riverwalk

Use this artery as your path to see great neighborhoods and ah-some trees, especially in the spring.

Jangara Ramen

Thousands of ramen spots to choose from, but Jangara has something for everyone is our go-to.

Yoyogi "Torii" Gate

Stand in wonder beneath the 40ft tall wooden entrance to Tokyo's central park

Shibuya Crossing

Join a herd of humans by strolling Tokyo's famous 6-way crosswalk with 2,999 others

Lotus Baguette Bakery

This unbeatable bakery right on the Naka-meguro river is our Tokyo pick for all things fluffy and sweet

Shinjuku Golden Gai

An unforgettable maze of tiny eateries and bars. The ultimate spot for some progressive dining or bar hoping.