Study Spanish with an ocean view

Studying a foreign language for most English speakers equates to a high school requirement,

A boring classroom, a non-required subject, little retention and real-life use. This is what foreign language studies can be for those living in a country where only one mother tongue is spoken.

For those who travel outside of their home country and find a passion for speaking another tongue, for wanting to express yourself in a new way, a forgein language can be the door to a new world, a new identity, a rebirth.

The fun-loving beach town of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, is world-famous for its surf waves, but it’s also home to a language school set in a tropical garden, wish an ocean view. As the school’s tagline says “Study Spanish in Paradise”.

When we arrived to the school and saw the view from one of the outdoor class areas, I couldn’t believe my eyes. A symbolic study desk nestled between two trees with full view of the daily sunset told me that this truly was a place for language lovers, and for those who wish to fall in love with Spanish.

Founded in 1990 by Colorado-born Brian ____, The Instituto de Lenguajes Puerto Escondido, ILPE, or Puerto School for short, has steadily been developing for over 30 years, with year-around study programs for affordable rates, and priceless views.

In recent years they have constructed a number of student housing “Cabañas” so that students can live on-site and eliminate their daily commute (and reduce the temptation to skip class I imagine). I am writing this article from one such cabaña, looking out at the ocean through my screened windows, past a coconut palm tree trunk, our blue net hammock swaying in my eye’s periphery, the faint echo of Spanish being spoken in the distance.

Group Classes are 2hrs long and Private Tutoring is also available by the hour. Having studied Spanish for over 10 years myself, I opted for Private Tutoring and have been enjoying the personal attention to any grammatical errors I make, and fast-paced conversation with tips from my instructor.

If you’re interested in studying and potentially staying ILPE, check them out at or email them at

As someone who has studied languages in over 10 schools over the years, I can easily say this is a dream come true for language learners.

Get to know a bit about this school and it’s epic location here in the school’s one minute video: