The Baja Mexico Gym that Offers Dumbbells & an Organic Farmers Market

One hour south of the California – Tijuana border, is the small town of La Misión hugging the coast.

With a small village center that consists of a general store (where you can swap out 5-gallon filtered water jugs and buy firewood), a cafe, a few shops, and a roadside gym and fitness center that also hosts a weekly Farmers Market!

Never have I seen a business offers dumbells and tortillas from the same location!

Three things I’ve never seen together, but I love immensely. 

Fuel your workouts with organic Mexican coffee, reasonably priced and absolutely delicious.

Have a run looking out at the endless Pacific

Enjoy the machines downstairs 

If you’re visiting Baja California and want an affordable, well-equipped fitness center with a great community and jaw-dropping ocean views, check out their website and plan a visit!