Jai the Turmeric Farmer is a regular face at the Big Island Farmers Markets.


Representing his brand Gauranga Live, Jai and his family and team show up each week opening coconuts, selling their ferments, and Hawaii-grown tonics.


Try his Noni shots for a taste of the island’s power, or a turmeric shot to cleanse your sysyem.


His raw ferment combos of turmeric, kale and carrots are a tasty and nutritional addition to any meal, and are a great way to prime your stomach for digestion.


Jai himself is a hoot to talk with, and his enthusiasm for health and natural wellness is a joy to be around.


Find Jai and Gaurange Live products Saturdays in Waimea at Parker School and Sunday at the Green Market in Captain Cook.


For more information, check out his website: www.gaurangalive.com